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Country: Latin America
Evolution of HTA and pharmaecoeconomic analyses in Latin America
Authors: Arnold R1
Affiliations: 1IMS Health, New York, USA
AccessPoint, May 2013; Vol 3(6); 44-49
Document Types: , Article
Countries: , Latin America
Condition Year Language Analysis type
, Health economics, Miscellaneous 2013 English , Methodology
Increased unscheduled healthcare resource use associated with not well controlled asthma in Latin America.
Authors: Neffen H1. Levy G2, Williams AE3, Lloyd AC4.
Affiliations: 1 Respiratory Medicine Unit, O. Alassia Children's Hospital, Santa Fe, Argentina 2 Central University of Venezuela, University Hospital of Caracas, Venezuela 3 GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development, Greenford, UK 4 IMS Health incorporating Fourth Hurdle Consulting, London, UK
American Thoracic Society 2006, San Diego
Document Types: , Poster
Countries: , Latin America
Condition Year Language Analysis type
, Respiratory disease 2006 English , Cost of illness
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